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Common attributes among all ultraviolet inks and coatings:

  • Strength Balanced Ink System to Save you Time and Money (reduce make ready time and substrate)
  • Multiple Color Systems
  • PMS and Base Colors
  • 4 Color Process with Expanded Gamut
  • Custom Color Matches
  • Computer Verified Quality Control
  • Clean Crisp Accurate Color Formulations
  • Extreme Opacity and Coverage
  • Superior Strength Levels
  • Engineered for Outstanding Holdout and Trapping
  • Low VOC and Low Odor
  • Customizable to Fit Your Needs

Compass Helio Cure®

The most advanced low odor, low migration, clean printing UV ink system available.

Compass Helio Cure® is designed to meet all of today’s extreme graphic and printing needs. Formulated to eliminate spitting and provide the most consistent clean printing dot possible. Helio Cure® is Benzo Phenone free and made with the safest, most advanced raw materials available to address everyone’s safety concerns.

Using our C3 Quality Control System each and every container of base and 4 color process inks is guaranteed to match every time.

Compass Helio Shrink®

Helio Shrink® is a premium UV based shrink sleeve ink system engineered with extra flexibility and adhesion to make shrink sleeve printing simple. For use with all shrink sleeve substrates – PetG, PET, OPP, OPS, PVC, PLA.

Manufactured with the same attention to detail as our Helio Cure® UV Ink System, Helio Shrink® provides a low odor, low migration, Benzo Phenone Free, smart solution for all your shrink sleeve and flexible packaging ink needs.

Our C3 Quality Control System guarantees each and every container of base and 4 color process inks match every time.

Compass Opaque White

A part of the Compass Color and Coating Helio Cure® Series of UV Inks, True North® is an industry leading UV based Opaque White Ink for use with both Compass water and UV based inks and coatings.

It provides maximum density, opacity, and coverage in an easy to print spit free formulation.

Specialty Inks and Coatings

At Compass Color & Coatings our smart system printing approach means all our specialty inks and coatings are formulated and manufactured to the highest standards. We also offer custom formulations to solve any need in both water based and UV based products.

We have the technical service and expertise to help you make the right decision when you need a specialty ink, primer, or coating for use with either flexo, gravure, rotary screen, or digital printed products.

Helio Bright® Metallic Inks

  • Strong Vibrant Bright Clean Crisp Colors
  • Resoluble Clean Print Technology
  • PMS and Custom Color Matches
  • Customizable to Fit Your Needs

High Definition Inks and Coatings

Thermochromatic Inks – Glow in the Dark

Security Inks, and More!

Coatings and Primers

  • All Purpose High Gloss and Matte Finish
  • Shield® Tough Coat Gloss and Matte Finish
  • Digital Primers and Overprint Coatings
  • Increased Scuff or Rub Resistance
  • Fade, Weather, and Chemical Resistance
  • High Heat Temperature Resistance
  • Increased/Reduced (COF) Levels
  • and More!


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