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Sparkle Pro Metallics®


Dry Safe®

C3 Prime®

Waste Less! Your Full Metallic Shade Range can be mixed in the press room in ounces and pound quantities instead of full gallons for a special color metallic match.  Mix and make only what you need.  Purchase Sparkle Pro Metallic® mixing silver, request your color formula, and make all the Pantone® metallic shades you need in just the amount you need. No more left over metallic ink wasted sitting on the shelf.


Contact us today for all your Metallic needs and questions.

Specially designed to hit the PMS book on a single pass flexo print, FlouroBrite® is quickly becoming the new industry standard for high density fluorescent inks. Saving you time and money, clean printing, and easy clean-up, FlouroBrite® makes tinting your stock or detail fluorescent printing a snap.  We can help brighten your day with FlouroBrite®.

(Indirect Food Contact Over Print Varnish)

A low odor, indirect food contact FDA (21 CFR) 176.180 raw material  compliant overprint varnish for protecting dry food on paper and paperboard packaging applications. Dry Safe® has a neutral finish which will also protect and enhance your graphic printing.


Ask us about Dry Safe® or any
of your overprint varnish needs today.  We make a full line of water-based and UV based overprint varnishes for most
any need.


C3 Prime® is the most advanced press stable, press ready ink system ever made.  Superior Clean Printing, Resoluble Formulations in an easy clean-up premium ink printing system.


Compass C3 Prime® is designed to meet all of today’s demanding graphic and printing needs.  The premier water based coated ink system engineered for all your paper based prime label and packaging applications.


Using our C3 Quality Control System each and every container of base and 4 color process inks is guaranteed to match every time.


C3 Prime®.  It’s the answer to all your daily printing needs.



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